Educational Exam Table Paper Campaigns

Your Message, Front and Center (and Below)

Did you know?

  • Patients spend an average of 10 minutes in the exam room waiting for their physicians.7
  • Patients spend 19 minutes interacting with their physicians about various health and lifestyle topics.8
  • Physicians spend an average of 300 minutes per day in an exam room.9

SMI Health prints exam table paper with clients' messages or URLs and distributes the rolls to selected physicians' exam rooms. This tactic was designed to promote non-branded websites, disease state awareness, and other patient education initiatives. The program compliments other non-branded website promotions such as online advertising, search engine sponsorship, and banner ad campaigns.

Features & Benefits

  • Physician endorsement: Information promoted in healthcare facilities receives physician endorsement that enhances credibility. Take-away materials about your product or brand can also be added.
  • Responsible advertising: Patients can immediately ask questions and talk with their physician to alleviate any confusion about action, usage, or intent.
  • ROI data available: SMI Health can provide detailed information examining the campaigns' influence on exposed patients and physicians. Find out more about ROI through SMI Health here.

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