Educational Health Panel Campaigns

Your Message Next to Important Health Information

Customized, 24” x 30” framed health panels from SMI Health feature educational health and lifestyle information adjacent to sponsored advertorials about your brand or product. Category exclusivity is available, and clients choose the healthcare facilities for their campaigns. Each health panel frame includes a holder designed for the PI or ISI as required by the FDA.

Consider these opportunities:

  • IMS research shows that the average 6-month health panel campaign produces an average ROI of $5 for every $1 spent.
  • A 6-month educational health panel campaign produced an average of two additional prescriptions per physician in the test group compared to the physicians in the control group.
  • 22% of patients suffering from a chronic condition say that information at the point of care helps them take their medication as directed.5
  • Over 20% of patients who see educational health panels take the associated brochure home to read6

Features & Benefits

  • Strategic placement: Health panels waiting rooms and exam rooms of the offices you select to ensure maximum exposure to the right audience for your product or brand.
  • Physician endorsement: Information promoted in healthcare facilities receives physician endorsement that enhances credibility.
  • Responsible advertising: Patients can immediately ask questions and talk with their physician to alleviate any confusion about action, usage, or intent.
  • ROI data available: SMI Health can provide detailed information examining the campaigns' influence on exposed patients and physicians. Find out more about ROI through SMI Health here.

5 DTC Perspectives 2008 March edition
6 2006 report Archives of Family Medicine

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