Interactive Media

Turn Waiting Time into Learning Time

SMI Health has partnered with InfoSlate, a leading interactive digital media network, to educate patients and drive branding for clients in physicians' waiting rooms.

Selected healthcare facilities are furnished with 10” interactive LCD screens for patients to access while they wait for their appointments. These devices deliver customized, sponsored educational health content including breaking medical news, important health and lifestyle information, treatment options and local clinical trials. All information displayed is HIPAA-compliant.

Interactive Screen Ad Placement

This program bridges the communication gap between patients and physicians, and creates a new channel for advertisers to drive brand awareness and promote their messages.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effective narrowcast advertising solution1 — Targeted interactive media campaigns have produced 74% recall rates and 25% click-through rates for banner ads.
  • Detailed reporting — Measurable results with the ability to track and modify the campaign in real time.
  • Flexibility — Ability to target specific physician specialties, geographic locations or specific key physician offices throughout the nation.

Sample Coupon Offer

1 Narrowcasting is the delivery of targeted and customized messages to audiences in public locations at specific times

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Interactive Media Effective narrowcast advertising solution
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