SMI Health Media

Research to Measure ROI and Campaign Success

SMI Health works with IMS Research and Nielson to provide clients with measurements of their campaigns' influence on the purchasing and lifestyle habits of exposed patients and consumers.

Research data includes:

  • Verified demographic information on the patients and consumers exposed to campaigns
  • On-site interviews with the exposed patients and consumers measuring advertisement recall and feedback on specific topics relating to the campaign
  • Monthly verification of active waiting rooms
  • SMI Health also works with IMS Health to provide pharmaceutical companies with detailed information about the effectives of their campaigns on the prescribing habits of the exposed physicians.

Statistical studies include:

  • Measurement of statistical significance of the difference between the post-campaign prescribing habits of the physicians from the test group and the physicians from the control group.
  • Tests to determine the effectiveness of clients' campaigns on interest in products and physician penetration
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