Mobile Marketing Campaigns

RI Measurement in Real-Time

SMI Health has partnered with the leading mobile marketing agency to provide clients with a direct connection to their customers - and a way to measure success. Patients or pet owners can respond immediately to your Point-of-Care campaign via text message.

How it works:

  • Choose a keyword to be featured on your Point-of-Care campaign, including educational health panels, exam table paper, interactive media ads, or branded medical supplies such as tissue boxes.
  • Create a message with a “call to action” to text to interested parties, such as a URL, a survey, a discount on a product, or a free sample.
  • Consumers and patients who text that keyword to a given number receive your message at a pre-determined date and time.
  • Companies can create up to 10 unique rotating replies to determine which message is most effective.

Features & Benefits:

  • 24-7 real-time performance report
  • Capture results and input real-time via XML data feed.
  • Capture detailed information in real-time about the physicians, patients, and consumers that responded to your ad.
  • Provides ROI reporting to every point of care campaign in real-time.

Mobile marketing can be added to any Point-of-Care campaign.

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A direct connection with consumers via mobile marketing A direct connection with consumers
via mobile marketing
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