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Improve Prescription Lift and Brand Building through Patient Education

You know as well as we do: Traditional advertising methods just aren't enough anymore.

In today's “era of the consumer,” access to information is real-time and global. So how do you reach your audience with all the noise?

Increasing prescription fills/re-fills, revenue, and brand awareness requires grabbing the attention of physicians and their patients. Advertisers that provide accurate and reliable patient education information to physicians, create positive relationships with their audience; bridge the communication gap between physicians and their; and enable consumers to participate in the management of their healthcare.

Physicians are still the most trusted source for healthcare information. Educational Point-of-Care Marketing programs through SMI Health give you the hook you need to get the attention of your audiences.

Advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and consumer brand managers can leverage educational health panels, branded exam table paper, Interactive Media and mobile marketing campaigns to:

  • Educate current and potential customers about their product or brand in a trusted health related environment.
  • Create positive brand experiences and improve customer loyalty.
  • Communicate and share information with selected physicians, patients and consumers through multiple touch-points at the point of care.
  • Obtain HIPAA-compliant detailed demographic data about the individuals exposed to advertisers' campaign.
  • Practice responsible DTC advertising.
  • Provide patients with reliable accurate healthcare information.

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Doctor and patient discuss information from a Health Panel Physicians are the most trusted source for healthcare information

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