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SMI Health and InfoSlate Partner to Educate Patients with Interactive Touch Screens in Physicians' Offices

King of Prussia, PA - March 11, 2009 - SMI Health, physician-owned point-of-care marketing firm, and InfoSlate, Inc., a leading physician-owned interactive digital media company, today announced a strategic alliance to provide sponsored interactive patient education activities at the point of medical care.

InfoSlate provides physicians' practices with free handheld interactive LCD touch screens for their waiting rooms that deliver educational health content such as breaking medical news, information on 6,000 disease states and other health topics, and treatment options. SMI Health will leverage its network of 400,000 physicians in over 250,000 healthcare facilities to expand the interactive network and work with its clients, including pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO), to sponsor the educational content. The interactive screens are HIPAA-compliant and collect patient demographics including age range and gender.

“Research shows that patients are overwhelmingly in favor of having health content available in physicians' offices, which continue to be the most trusted sources for health information,” says Barry Crescenzi, chief operating officer of SMI Health. “InfoSlate's state-of-the-art technology brings exciting, interactive health content to patients' fingertips in the waiting room, and allows our clients to reach a targeted audience to offer discounts on drugs or inform patients about clinical trials. We share InfoSlate's vision to connect physicians, patients, and advertisers at the point of care, and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Our goal at InfoSlate is to provide individuals with important health and lifestyle information, bridge the communication gap between patients and physicians, and create a new channel for advertisers to drive brand awareness and promote their messages,” says Kyle Piechucki, CEO and co-founder of InfoSlate. “Our technology is the first service that combines visual, interactive media and in-office services, and offers patients the ability to make wait time not wasted time. We look forward to working with SMI Health to educate patients and expand the network of physicians using InfoSlate.”

Each 10” LCD touch screen is fitted with LoJack™ Anti-Theft monitoring and a docking station for battery recharging. InfoSlate technology integrates easily with practice networks and only requires an internet connection. Physicians can customize the screen's home page to support in-office branding campaigns, and can also use the system as part of the check-in procedure. In addition to health content, patients can browse the internet, access email, and take online surveys.

SMI Health and InfoSlate will host a webinar on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 2 p.m. to discuss the benefits of an interactive patient education program and how it can compliment current and future marketing initiatives. Register here:

For a demonstration of InfoSlate's technology, visit Information is also available at

About SMI Health Media

SMI Health is a physician-owned out-of-home marketing firm that connects advertisers to their target audiences through sponsored patient education programs at the point of care, including physicians' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. SMI Health's Point-of-Care Marketing programs enable advertisers to influence their customers and improve the relationships between our network of 400,000 physicians and their patients in 250,000 healthcare facilities nationwide. Programs include educational health panels, branded exam table paper, interactive monitors featuring sponsored educational activities, and mobile marketing, enabling advertisers to communicate and share information with their target audiences in real-time. More information is available at

About InfoSlate, Inc.

InfoSlate Inc. is a leading provider of marketing technology solutions specifically designed for waiting rooms. InfoSlate provides a hand-held interactive LCD touch screen providing the waiting patient with health information, top news, surveys and free Internet service through a portable hand held device. InfoSlate merges advanced mobile hardware technology with content solutions offering advertisers and health care providers with detailed analytics of consumer behavior. For more information visit

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