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Increase Sales at the Point of Care

What's the easiest way to prove ROI? Promote your product where the point of care is also the point of sale.

Educational Point-of-Care Marketing campaigns in veterinary offices are permission-based programs designed to increase sales at the point of care by facilitating dialogue between veterinarians and pet owners about clients' products and services.

SMI Health's partnership with emebaVet gives you the opportunity to reach over 100,000 veterinarians and pet owners per month through sponsorship of educational digital media. Educational health panels or mobile marketing campaigns can be run with digital media campaigns to maximize exposure.

Why advertise in a veterinarian office?

  • 40% of pet owners purchase flea/tick, heartworm and other health-related products directly from their veterinarian.1
  • In 2007, pet owners spent $7 billion purchasing health related products from their veterinarian.2
  • 69% of pet owners say that advertisements in their veterinarian's office is a good way to learn about new products and services.3
  • Over 90% of pet owners recalled brands that were promoted in their veterinarian's office.4

Advertising agencies, and companion animal product and brand managers can leverage digital media, educational health panels, and mobile marketing campaigns to:

  • Drive sales at the point of care, a potential point of sale.
  • Educate pet owners about a specific product or products.
  • Create positive brand experiences and improve customer loyalty.
  • Facilitate communication between veterinarians and pet owners.
  • Receive veterinarian endorsement for the products or brands.
  • Reach pet owners so advertising dollars are not wasted.

1 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007
2 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007
3 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007
4 American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2007

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Veterinary Brands - sidebar image  In 2007, pet owners spent
in $7 billion vet offices.

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