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Point-of-Care Marketing Explained

The “point of care” is any facility where an individual receives medical treatment is considered the point of care, including hospitals, physicians' offices, retail health clinics, and urgent care centers.

So why advertise here?

The point of care is prime real estate for targeted marketing and advertising because:

  • It's where patients, ultimately consumers, spend a lot of time. According to the Archives of Family Medicine, the average patient spends 20 minutes in the waiting room and 10 minutes in the exam room, and an additional 19 minutes interacting with their physician about various health and lifestyle issues.
  • 52% of consumers take action after seeing an ad at the point-of-care, TV and print ads drive only 29% of the exposed consumers to take action.
  • IMS research shows that Point-of-Care Marketing campaigns produce an average ROI of $5 for every $1 spent 5:1.
  • Physicians are the most trusted source for patients to receive information. Sponsored messages at the point of care receive implied physician endorsement and support responsible DTC advertising. Patients can immediately eliminate confusion about the featured product and brand by talking with their physician.
  • According to the Archives of Family Medicine, 80% of patients want educational information featured in their physician's office. Your brand, product, or message is placed alongside this requested information.

SMI Health provides the educational health information that patients want in a trusted environment. Advertisers who sponsor educational information passively place their brands and messages directly in the middle of the doctor-patient conversation and benefit from:

  • Access to customized demographics and audiences based on physician specialty and geography
  • Category exclusivity and positive brand experience
  • Creating a relationship with patients and physicians and improving customer loyalty
  • Physician endorsement of the product, brand, or message
  • Increased revenue
  • Real-time ROI measurement
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